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The horizontal band saw controllers.

Video shows how to Tinovi controller equipped bandsaw is  sawing birch log to boards.  The controller is able to simultaneously drive the carriage and positioning bandsaw blade to the required height. While the log round (cutting from top to bottom) bandsaw blade positioning to the next cuts taking place by pressing one of the 10 board thickness buttons and controller positions the blade below to the size selected. Band Saw blade thickness is taken into account. Control desk includes 10 size buttons and you can switch between n 10 other sizes too. Last cut position is automatically stored in the controller's memory thereby allowing to pick up the Band Saw for a safe carriage return to the home position. All activities are displayed on the control desk panel display. Bandsaw Controller function list See below.

While doing the last CUT before log turned over, the control panel display offers three sawing patterns that will be suitable for sawing when the log will be inversed. After the log inversion may continue to saw without delay. Even if the operator seems inappropriate the automatically proposed schemes, the operator himself(~ 5 seconds) may make a one sawing pattern set by pushing size buttons. Sawing pattern may choose to (make) while the last cut(before the log inversion), thus following after the log inversion can immediately continue cutting under the pattern. Bandsaw Controller functions See the list below.

It is offered single-axis positioning controller  to log edger, simple board edger, trimmer saws. Remote control provides features such as object (eg. Bandsaw blades, circular blades, stops) current positioning by pressing the keys (Size + and Size -), to maintain the position in one of the memories, which later can be called by pressing size buttons, then press the confirmation button and controller positions object to the target position. A special feature provides a positioning repeatability even if the positioning mechanism (thread, chains, sprockets) heave a gap.

Automatic(robotic) sawing according to sawing pattern without operator intervention. While the controller automatically performs the cutting operation according to sawing pattern the operator performs handyman work.

Tinovi horizontal Band saw controller installed conventional bandsaw. Automatic sawing demo.

Tinovi positioning controller features

Tinovi positioning controller provides 1-3 head horizontal band saw carriage driving (log sawing) and setworks. This controller is easy to position and drive a band bandsaw carriage. Just enter the plank size (thickness) and the controller will take all the necessary calculations, and after confirmation positions all head.

Basic features:

  • automatic cutting scheme autosearch depending on the saw current position
  • four last cut position memory (possibly saw four logs, placed one behind the other, and save the last cut height, or can saw one log repeatedly invert it (used aspen sawing)-can continue saw without sacrificing size)
  • ability to control the three-head band saw (3 axles) (the automatic cutting mode)
  • controller can turn on/off the main motors; guide rollers (bandsaw blades Comforter) management of remote control
  • carriage speed control
  • carriage speed automatic adjustment depending on the main motor load (Under testing)
  • laser countdown timer
  • log detectors (automatic mode after cutting should not drive carriage to the final sensor)
  • available connection cable
  • touch screen display (in addition to backup keyboard)
  • automatic and semi-automatic cutting mode
  • Simulator Mode (designed to train staff in simulation mode)
  • adaptable to different models of bandsaw; 

Positioning accuracy does not depend on the mechanism of inertia. As we approach the target position is carried out by an electric braking and subsequent switching to the reduced speed, if necessary at the end of positioning is activated the motor sticking at the target position. These function can be realized with standard 3-phase asynchronous motors, which are usually already installed on the saw machines.

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