Positioning contrlllers to control horizontal band saw mill carriage, log edger.

  • Positioning controllers for woodworking machines. These are the controllers for up to 3 heads horizontal band saw, log trimmer and simple board edger, the controller can be adapted to other equipment that requires accurate positioning of the pre-defined sizes/positions.

Internet Of Things

Current data writing, historical data outlined on schedules.

  • Software - Tinovi develops and produces devices and back-end application software for Internet Of Things. You may connect our software to private or public LoRaWAN infrastructure. Software includes customizable JAVA back-end and front end Dashboard engine for monitoring and administration of devices.
  • LoRaWAN Devices - We are continuously improving our LoRaWAN device capabilities and connectivity with different sensors as well as adaption to various applications. We have archived good results in terms of device RF and low power consumption.
  • Agriculture Sensors - We are investing in low cost agricultural sensing technologies to conserve our planet's water resources and to let agriculture to become smarter and cleaner. We want to archive lower chemical usage in agriculture to get more healthy food.
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