Positioning contrlllers to control horizontal band saw mill carriage, log edger.

  • Positioning controllers for woodworking machines. These are the controllers for up to 3 heads horizontal band saw, log trimmer and simple board edger, the controller can be adapted to other equipment that requires accurate positioning of the pre-defined sizes/positions.


Current data writing, historical data outlined on schedules.

  • Telemetry - data recording and display of historical data timescales.
    The wired sensors (temperature, humidity, etc.) are attached to the device(gadget) and all are placed in customers object. This device sends the measurement data to internet data center. Data is secure and not available to third parties. By connecting to the instrument panel with username and password, the customer can view accumulated data graphs. The instrument panel is a multifunctional website where you can manage devices and view the accumulated data. The device is equipped with a number of relays; this means that the customer remotely (from the website instrument panel) can switch on/off other appliances (heaters, fans, lighting u.t.t.)
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