Band saw controller

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This is the user manual for positioning controller for 1 to 3 head horizontal band saw machine for logs. With this controller is easy to control bandsaw machine for cut logs into boards and laths. Just enter the thickness of required board and controller makes all calculations you need, and one click to position all heads. Quickly and accurately positions the cutting head to the proper depth, and allows preset pattern cutting. The controller is developed to control 380V AC motors. The ability to preprogramme frequently used dimensions and cutting patterns, and instantly recall them.

-Auto mode (automatically process cutting pattern) for  continuous cutting

-simulator mode(for teaching operators, change settings etc.)

-manual mode for convenience,

-can control up to 3 heads (3 axis)

-can control on/off 3 main motor’s, measure amperage

-in addition two outputs(for saw blade guide roller control)

-control laser(countdown off)

-log detectors. Prevents the sawing head from various accidents. Detect the location of the start and end of the log for auto mode where to return

-carriage speed control

-cheap connecting wire

-touchscreen, keyboard for convenience

-lot of memory for cutting patterns and board thickness

-4 current position memories( easy cut four logs clamped one after another)

-if losing power, data will be saved

-“Lists of coordinates,” which in the prescribed sequence is necessary to make the cut(sequence (lists) thicknesses of boards for subsequent sawing)

-upper and lower head limits.

-digital ammeter

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