The Tinovi PM-WCS-3 family sensors is low-cost accurate moisture sensor for monitoring water content, electrical conductivity and temperature of soil.


  • Dust and water proof, each sensor is tested by submerging it in to the water for one day.
  • Low cost and easy to use.
  • Fairly accurate readings.
  • Arduino and Raspberry Pi client software libraries.
  • Calibration functions for EC and Dielectric permittivity
  • Setup via USB CDC-ACM virtual COM port.
  • Android application for USB setup and free online monitoring via The Things Network gateways for LoRaWAN sensor device.
  • Tinovi cloud console for graphs and configurable event triggers.


  • PM-WCS-3-I2C – Sensor modification with I2C wired interface. Datasheet:
  • PM-WCS-3-USB – Sensor modification with USB wired interface.  Datasheet:
  • PM-WCS-3-LW – LoRaWAN wireless interface. And USB wired interface for sensor configuration. Datasheet:



Get it on Google Play

This android application allows easy to configure and monitor soil moisture sensors.

source code of mobile application is located on Github there.

!WARNING please remove device battery before attaching device to USB port for configuration. Leaving battery with attached USB power supply may damage battery or your device’s USB port.

!WARNING device waits for 10 seconds after power up for configuration terminal software connection. After terminal connection it remains in configuration mode until terminal software is disconnected.

!WARNING device joining mode OTAA or ABP is switched automatically on configuration when you setup OTAA or ABP parameter.


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