Telemetry examples

No bounds of telemetry uses

To house managers
Tinovi integrates to your website visually telemetry functionality to your clients look that you do provide telemetry services. Then your customers (apartment owners) could view on your website for example. a temperature is a hot water in the basement at the moment or what it had prior to the week or month.
The household
Record the heating system supply and return temperatures, room humidity, solar collector temperature, and the heat pump brine temperature, outdoor temperature. Record the temperature of the refrigerator, to be notified if there is a water leak, turn on the electric heating if wood-fired boiler washed out, and the house temperature approaching freezing.
Farm | In production
Record the temperature on the farm or in the freezer and immediately report suspected adverse deflection. To measure humidity, the temperature in the greenhouse and control ventilation actuators and water supply systems, it provides a constant climate and favorable conditions for growth. To measure the field of soil moisture and temperature, and receive notifications when taken watering or automatically start irrigation system

To start using the services take just a few steps

Using one of the communication channels to contact us.
When you have conditions when parameters over a long period of time must be registered or a device be operated remotely, telemetry is the right direction, in which to look for a solution. Tell us your situation and we will offer you the solution.


Device purchase or rental
Depending on the situation and our possibilities take the best offer.
Get a product and start using
Depending on the agreement, and your ability to install the product itself, our specialist can install the product on your object.
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