Tinovi cloud uses

Tinovi.io is designed to understand byte message formats sent by constrained battery powered devices as well as any other application including mobile.
Tinovi cloud can transform your binary data to JSON format and represent as nice charts to see historical data from internet connected sensors on cloud dashboard as well as custom mobile applications connected via MQTT broker.
Data can be visualized in various ways, every type of datasource can have multiple versions of custom build and uploaded administration and online monitoring panels which can be placed on the dashboard.


Tinovi have ready infrastructure, hardware and plugable software components for fast prototyping.

Components for your product prototyping:


WiFi, GSM and ethernet enabled boards with sensor/actuator outlets and software C++ libraries based on arduino prototyping platform.



Mobile application libraries in JAVA for android.

Dashboard engine

Custom plugin enabled dashboard engine for monitoring and control - SCADA applications.

All this components are wired via MQTT cloud broker with attached Event processor engine to send notifications from your devices to email or mobile applications..

Basic features

Hosted MQTT broker for Internet Of Things
Tinovi.io provides hosted MQTT brokers accessible via TCP/IP and WebSocket as well as plain TCP/IP protocols. Each organization registered with tinovi.io has its own virtual hosted broker
Storage service with dashboards attachable to MQTT broker
With tinovi.io you can define datasources and later data feeded to that datasources may be displayed to the dashboards or accessed via REST API. Dashboards can display your data to chart or map or other dashboard components.
Home page embedded UI plugins to MQTT broker
You can deploy you own plugin UI component to tinovi.io dashboard do display and control data from broker connected device.
Flexible broker access options
Tinovi.io MQTT brokers are accessible via various transport options like plain TCP/IP, WebSocket, secure SSL/TLS TCP/IP and web socket connections. Authentication options offer user login/password based access as well ans machine key/pin based access to brokers.
REST API for administration
Design dashboard templates and using API create users with attached dashboard template to display their data.
REST API for administration
Design dashboard templates and using API create users with attached dashboard template to display their data.

Tinovi cloud architecture


As shown in drawing Tinovi cloud service architecture is designed to bring service closer to customer and deliver high availability if needed.
Client is directed to globally closest datacenter where at first google cloud load balancer chooses region and regional load balancer chooses locally available computing and storage resource.
In future customer will able to chose which backend datacenter he uses and make backup copies to another zone's datacenters.
Current Tinovi service deployment contains only one multi-node backend server in Europe and backups if enabled are replicated locally between nodes.

  • Per company insulated MQTT broker.
  • Additional access MQTT broker via Websocket and Binary interfaces.
  • Fast clustered NoSQL storage database.
  • Every aspect is accessible via REST API.
  • Plugin enabled Dashboard engine for online and history data access.
  • Embed dashboard engine in your personal website with your own branding.
  • Mobile API Libraries for cloud access.

Features for end User

Responsive dashboard application with build in charts and gadget user interface plugins.
Simple device registration, no need to configure networks.
See in one place all devices from different locations.
Receive notification events from devices via email and mobile applications.
Dashboard templates.
Mobile applications

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Telemetry Use Cases


Record the temperature on the farm or in the freezer and immediately report suspected adverse deflection. To measure humidity, the temperature in the greenhouse and control ventilation actuators and water supply systems, it provides a constant climate and favorable conditions for growth. To measure the field of soil moisture and temperature, and receive notifications when taken watering or automatically start irrigation system

Home automation

Control your home from cloud. Record the heating system supply and return temperatures, room humidity, solar collector temperature, and the heat pump brine temperature, outdoor temperature. Record the temperature of the refrigerator, to be notified if there is a water leak, turn on the electric heating if wood-fired boiler washed out, and the house temperature approaching freezing.

To house managers

Tinovi integrates to your website visually telemetry functionality to your clients look that you do provide telemetry services. Then your customers (apartment owners) could view on your website for example. a temperature is a hot water in the basement at the moment or what it had prior to the week or month.


Tinovi service is running in the demo mode. During demo mode balance information is shown for information purposes only, Tinovi services are provided to you without any charge, there is no any balance limits.
Tinovi.io cloud will have free plans for developers and entry level usage with some traffic and storage limitation, but currently there is no any limitations.

Corporate clients we offer contract prices.

Estimated pricing plans after January 2017


1 Device

1 Device Templates

1 Organization

1 User

1 API key

2 Event triggers

0 Server triggers

50Mb Stream data Month

10Mb Storage weeks Month

500Mb API transfer Month

20 Events Month


2 Devices

2 Device Templates

2 Organization

2 User

2 API key

2 Event triggers

5 Server triggers

150Mb Stream data Month

30Mb Storage weeks Month

1500Mb API transfer Month

150 Events Month


8 Devices

4 Device Templates

8 Organization

8 User

8 API key

40 Event triggers

40 Server triggers

750Mb Stream data Month

150Mb Storage weeks Month

7500Mb API transfer Month

800 Events Month


25 Devices

10 Device Templates

20 Organization

20 User

20 API key

100 Event triggers

100 Server triggers

3750Mb Stream data Month

750Mb Storage weeks Month

37500Mb API transfer Month

2000 Events Month

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