I2C Capacitive Soil Moisture, Temperature and EC sensor

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3 in 1 I2C Capacitive Soil Moisture, Temperature and EC sensor

  • Arduino and Raspberry Pi client software libraries.
  • Dust and water proof
  • Calibration functions for EC and Dielectric permittivity
  • Low cost and easy to use.
  • Fairly accurate readings


Parameter Min. Typical Max.
Supply voltage (VCC), V 2.5 3.3 3.5
Working current(VCC=3.3V), mA 11 14
Operating Temperature Range, Celsius -20 25 60

PM-WCS-3-I2C data output.

  1. Dielectric permittivity (ε) (Temperature corrected) resolution: 0.1ε (avg.Tolerance 5%) and range 1 (air) to 80 (water)
  2. Electrical Conductivity (mS/m) resolution: 0.01 mS/m (avg.Tolerance 20%)
  3. Temperature (°C) resolution: 0.1°C and range: -20 to 60°C (avg.Tolerance 3%)
  4. Volumetric Water Content (%) resolution:0.1% and range: 0 – 100% VWC Note: VWC is calculated from dielectric permittivity by Topp equation (Topp et al, 1980): θ = 4.3 ⋅ 10−6ε3 − 0.00055ε2 + 0.0292ε − 0.053)

Wire colors

  1. power 3.3v (red)
  2. I2C line SDA (green)
  3. I2C line SCL (white)
  4. power GND (black)

Interfacing from Raspberry Pi

WARNING!!! 3.3 voltage levels only, more voltage will damage device

wiring to Raspberry Pi connector:

Raspberry Pi pin #1 – red (3.3v)

Raspberry Pi pin #3 – green (SDA)

Raspberry Pi pin #5 – white (SCL)

Raspberry Pi pin #9 – black (GND)

Raspberry Pi pin #9 – shield(GND)

Enable i2c interface in Raspberry Pi

see this manual

Get software

This sample software demonstrates hot to make command line interface for the sensor. Sensor default I2C address is 0x63.

To get software execute following on Raspberry Pi:

git clone https://github.com/tinovi/i2cRaspberry

cd i2cRaspberry

chmod 777 *.sh to add permissions for execute

./mk.sh to make demo executable

./read.sh to read data from sensor

./svcs 0x63 addr 0x65 to change default address 0x63 to new I2C address: 0x65

Interfacing from Arduino

WARNING!!! for SDA and SCL lines use sensor VCC (VCC max 3.6v) voltage levels only. Please use voltage level converter module, connect sensor to B side, 5v arduino to A side 

wiring to Arduiono:

Arduiono pin #3V3 – sensor red (3.3v)

Arduiono pin #A4 – sensor green (SDA)

Arduiono pin #A5 – sensor white (SCL)

Arduiono pin #GND – sensor black (GND)

Arduiono pin #GND – sensor shield (GND)

SDA and SCL lines requires pull-up resistors to VCC line (VCC max 3.6v), we recommend to use 1.8K resistors, because of long wiring to i2c sensor.

Get software

This sample software demonstrates hot to read data from sensor.

Sensor default I2C address is 0x63.

Download Arduino library from there.

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